Our client, a family-owned e-commerce business specializing in top-quality bedding products and accessories, faced inefficiencies in data storage and processing. To harness the power of their diverse reports from platforms like Amazon, Myntra, they sought a streamlined approach. This case study details how our automated solutions revolutionized their data management for better decision-making.


Relying on various reports from platforms and markets, the client sought optimization for critical metrics such as FBA customer returns, fee previews, inventory reports, and more. Manual uploads to Google Drive resulted in errors, resource-intensive processes, and data inconsistencies, prompting the need for an automated, unified solution.

Challenges & Solutions:
Challenge 1: Automation and Unification of Reports

● Challenge: Collecting reports from diverse e-commerce platforms and handling currency conversion for different markets.
● Solution: Custom data integration pipelines were developed, eliminating manual uploads. Currency conversion was automated using an online resource, ensuring accurate exchange rates at the time of transactions.

Challenge 2: Data Processing and Storage

● Challenge: Ensuring consistency and accuracy across reports stored in various formats and locations.
● Solution: Custom Python scripts with Airflow workflow management processed and standardized the data. A unified Big Query database was created, providing a secure and reliable solution for querying and analysis.

The implemented solutions resulted in:

● Automated Data Management: Regular collection, processing, and consolidation of critical metrics into a centralized database.
● Consistent and Accurate Data: Custom scripts and workflows ensured uniformity across all reports, minimizing errors.
● Unified Big Query Database: Structured storage for easy querying and historical data analysis.
● Comprehensive Business Insight: The client now possesses a unified view of them business's performance, enabling quick and accurate assessments


Our tailored solutions empower the client to swiftly evaluate performance, optimize operations, and outpace competitors in the dynamic e-commerce landscape. The automated and streamlined data management process has positioned them for sustained success and helped them to reduce their return by 20%.


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