“Aptocoiner Technologies Pvt Ltd delivered accurate traffic counts and completed the work on time. Throughout the project
They communicated via email and messaging apps. Overall, their commitment to the project was outstanding.”

Gustavo Garcia

Vice President


Thanks to Aptocoiner Technologies Pvt Ltd's work, the client was able to make improvements to existing road networks based on the
traffic analysis. The team was highly communicative, flexible, and professional in project management. They shared innovative ideas
that added value to the results.

Managing Director,

Traffic Signs Installation LLC


“Thanks to Aptocoiner Technologies Pvt Ltd, the client gained real-time visibility of their operations. They improved their processes
and product quality and accurately forecasted demand. They had a professional management and communication style, and the
project boosted financial performance.”

Shubham Gupta

Chief Technical Officer
Burger Bae


“Aptocoiner Technologies Pvt Ltd has provided accurate movement counts for over 200 projects. Their communication is
outstanding, and they deliver results very quickly. Moreover, their time management and pricing are impressive, so they've become
the client's go-to partner for their projects.”

Mike Prindiville

Senior Engineering Tech
J.M. Teague Engineering & Planning

"The team carried out the works to a high standard and in a timely manner."

The client was extremely pleased with Aptocoiner Technologies Pvt Ltd's work. Their outstanding accuracy in
identifying the required information to reduce accidents and improve public safety impressed the client. They also
recommended improvements that showed their genuine care for the project.


Street Behaviour Surveys Ltd