A, a renowned restaurant which has been a favorite for generations, offering authentic home-style food. To continue their legacy, aimed to enhance business intelligence through data utilization, enabling strategic decision-making.


1. Establish a business intelligence framework.
2. Enable senior management to monitor performance and operations.
3. Provide predictive analysis for effective decision-making.

The Challenge

Before adopting Business Intelligence (BI), the information was scattered across different systems and departments creating data silos, making it hard to access and share data. This was hampering scalability, hindering adaptation to growing data volumes. Managing vast sales data across categories, items, and staff performance becomes daunting without BI, leading to missed insights. Ensuring accuracy in employee and seat data is essential, requiring precise information for key metrics like average sales per seat. Mapping sales to waiters and tables faces challenges due to POS variations. Time-based KPIs add complexity, as restaurants lack a comprehensive view, hindering strategic decisions. BI adoption seeks to overcome these hurdles, enhancing overall business performance


A comprehensive centralized Cloud Storage solution that enables users to securely store, manage, and access data in a unified cloud-based environment. This simplifies data storage and retrieval while offering a range of benefits tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern businesses. Transform raw data into actionable insights using cloud-based Business Intelligence solutions.

User-friendly mobile app where real-time reports are accessible.

Increased Revenue: Getting a 360-degree view on all the dimensions helped the company identify issues and improve operations, increase sales, and in turn, increase revenue up to 30%.
Predictive Analysis - Provide predictive analytics services to use data and AI to forecast outcomes, helping optimize the business strategies and make proactive decisions.


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