Transforming Luxury Retail Business

This case study showcases how our client, a fashion retailer specializing in luxury brands and private labels, overcame challenges in sales control and employee performance monitoring through our innovative software solution. The implementation resulted in real-time tracking, actionable insights, and improved profitability.

Challenges & Solutions:
Challenge 1: Sales Operating Control

● Challenge: Inadequate control over sales operations.
● Solution: Implemented additional software integrated with cash registers at each store. The software aggregated data to a centralized server, promptly tracking deviations in sales.

Challenge 2: Employees’ KPIs Control at Atomic Level

● Challenge: Lack of control over employees' Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at a detailed level.
● Solution: Algorithms were employed to notify employees of KPI deviations, providing recommendations for improvement over time.

Challenge 3: Tracking KPIs and Average Customer Time at Cash Desk

● Challenge: Need for tracking KPIs and average customer time at the cash desk relevant to the number of items in a receipt.
● Solution: The system tracked daily employee performance in suggesting additional items to clients, providing insightful analysis to prevent daily profit loss.


● Real-Time Sales Tracking: The software enabled real-time tracking of sales deviations at each store.
● Employee KPI Notifications: Algorithms notified employees of KPI performance deviations, fostering continuous improvement
● Improved Customer Service: Systematic tracking of KPIs, including average customer time at the cash desk, resulted in better service and increased profits.


Our tailored software solution not only addressed the client's challenges in sales control and employee performance but also provided actionable insights for ongoing improvements. The retail company witnessed a substantial increase in profitability by 30%.

User-friendly mobile app where real-time reports are accessible.

Increased Revenue: Getting a 360-degree view on all the dimensions helped the company identify issues and improve operations, increase sales, and in turn, increase revenue up to 30%.
Predictive Analysis - Provide predictive analytics services to use data and AI to forecast outcomes, helping optimize the business strategies and make proactive decisions.


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